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Keeping Garbage Bins Clean

While it might seem strange to worry about keeping your garbage bins clean, it is also very important. I discovered this when I hired a set of garbage bins and then didn't clean them for about 6 months. The result was that I opened the bin one day and saw that it had a very large rat inside it. I was really afraid. I called in a contractor and he recommended that I have the bins professionally cleaned and gave me some great advice about looking after my garbage bins. I decided to share it here to help others to care for their bins.



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Skip Bin Hire: What to Do If Neighbouring Businesses Are Using Your Bin

If your business needs to dispose of a large amount waste, you may have hired a larger skip bin hire so you can easily store waste until it is collected. However, if neighbouring businesses are still using the smaller bins issued by the local council, they may be tempted to place their excess waste in your bin once theirs is full. This can cause problems, as you may not be able to then fit your waste into the bin, or the neighbouring businesses may place prohibited items in your bin, which could result in a fine from the skip bin hire company. Below is a guide to some of the steps you can take to address this issue.

Speak with neighbouring businesses

If you suspect that a neighbouring business is using your skip bin, the first thing you should do is speak with the owner. You may wish to avoid saying anything because you wish to avoid a confrontation or any embarrassment created by the situation. However, it is important to remember that as long as you remain calm, there is no reason why you cannot talk about your skip bins in an adult way. You should not make any accusations, which may trigger an argument. Instead, you should simply ask your neighbour if they have been using your bin. If they admit it or deny it, you should follow your question with a simple explanation that you need all of the space in the bin and so you just wanted to let everyone know not to use the bin.

Cover the bin

Another way of deterring other people from placing items in your skip bin is to cover it. Placing a sheet of plastic over the top of the skip bin will make it difficult for other people to quickly dispose of items. It will also stop people who are just passing by from using your hired skip bin as a public waste bin.

Move the bin

If speaking to your neighbours and covering the bin does not help to resolve the situation, you should consider the location of your skip bin. If the skip bin is located in a public carpark in front of your business, it is much more likely to be used by your neighbours and other people. By moving your skip bin to the rear of your business, you can reduce the access that other people have to it. If you decided to move the bin, you should not do this yourself. Instead, you should contact the bin hire company and request that they reposition the bin when they next visit your business.