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Keeping Garbage Bins Clean

While it might seem strange to worry about keeping your garbage bins clean, it is also very important. I discovered this when I hired a set of garbage bins and then didn't clean them for about 6 months. The result was that I opened the bin one day and saw that it had a very large rat inside it. I was really afraid. I called in a contractor and he recommended that I have the bins professionally cleaned and gave me some great advice about looking after my garbage bins. I decided to share it here to help others to care for their bins.



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Two Things You Might Want to Buy If You'll Be Using a Hired Skip Bin

Whilst you definitely don't have to buy any accessories in order to use rented skip bins, the following two items are very inexpensive and could help you if you encounter certain issues whilst renting this type of container.

A telescopic grabber tool

A telescopic grabber tool can be hugely helpful when you're using a skip bin. Although the business from which you rent the bin will give you a list of what type of items you cannot put into their containers, mistakes can still happen, and you could accidentally toss a prohibited piece of rubbish into your bin. Additionally, you may unintentionally throw something into it that you do not actually want to throw out. If either of these situations arises, you will have to retrieve the thing you threw in.

This is where the grabber tool could be helpful; this item is very long and has a moveable claw at its end that you can control by pressing or releasing the lever on the handle. As such, it will allow you to reach down into the skip bin (even if it is quite deep) and then grasp and remove the object you need. This will mean that you won't have to enter the skip yourself, which will, in turn, mean that your clothing won't end up torn or dirty as a result of brushing up against the sharp or unclean items in the container.

Flypaper ribbon

Another cheap item that could be very useful when you're using a skip bin is some sticky flypaper ribbon. This can be strung across the top of the container. This paper will ensure that, should you put anything into the bin that could attract the attention of flies (like expired food), these insects will be drawn towards the flypaper and be captured by it before they dive into the bin. This should help to prevent fly larvae from being left in this container and the bin then becoming overrun with maggots, which will then save you the nauseating task of trying to get rid of them.

Whilst flypaper is normally hung vertically from a lampshade or a doorframe, you can lay a few strands of it horizontally, over the top of your skip bin, and secure it to the bin's edges. If you use this paper, make sure to leave enough space between the strands to allow you to easily put your rubbish into the bin without tearing the paper. 

For more tips like these, reach out to skip bin services near you.